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RNCM shadow Project

river meander image with RNCM logo overlaidThis page will host outputs from RNCM staff and students as they develop their own projects in parallel with this project.

Blog posts:

Scores and Recordings

  • José Del Avellanal: three breaths (after Ben):
    • Score (different notational approaches) v1, v2, v3, v4
    • see the workshop play-through and discussion video here.
  • Tywi Roberts: Slushball Earth
    • video here played by Johanna Leung.
  • Zakiya Leeming: Output VI
    • video here played by Yanke Dai, Laurel Saunders, and Grace White
  • Scott McLaughlin: Venting Game Duet
    • played here by RNCM clarinettists Laurel Saunders and Grace White.
    • And here is a research version comparing three different approaches to the indeterminacy.
  • Many clarinettists have also been engaging with the 'Daisy chains' project (here) of an expanding participatory piece exploring the space of all possible clarinet fingerings as multiphonics.
    • Here's a piece made by sequencing and overlapping several RNCM players' paths through the daisy chains.
    • contributions from Laurel Saunders, Grace White, Johanna Leung, Sarah Watts, and Scott McLaughlin.

The RNCM Shadow Project had its formal ending with a youTube concert that you can watch here (several of the videos above are from this concert). My endless thanks to the RNCM's Larry Goves and Sarah Watts for their support and making this happen, and to the students' enthusiastic contributions.


Royal Northern College of Music building by night